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Solar Operations and Maintenance is a specialised field. We provide an O&M service that can be white-labelled and on-sold to your customers.
An (O&M) program is necessary in order to maintain efficient output from your solar energy system. As well as optimising your system’s performance, a regular O&M schedule ensures long-term protection of your PV system as well as ongoing and up-to-date compliance with statutory regulations.
We tailor our O&M packages to suit your requirements and budget.
As a part of our O&M package, we provide system health checks and the option for solar monitoring.

Our health checks:

  • Inspect and record inverter readings
  • Assess readings for your inverter based on make, model and serial number
  • Test your installation
  • Monitor module short circuit current (ISC) and open-circuit voltage (VOC)
  • Ensure adequate insulation resistance and irradiance
  • Check for recalled products
  • Access roof to check panels for visual defects, configuration, specifications and earthing of the array
  • Check AC & DC isolator integrity, connections, ratings, brand and correct polarity
  • Check main switch board for CB & AC cable size, connections and meter installation
  • Check for roof leaks or damage to roof
  • Supply a full and comprehensive report of findings, including photographs
  • Provide recommendations and a quote for any maintenance needed

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