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Solar Design & Installation


Our solar design team are here to assist with the design and construction of your commercial solar projects. We have an experienced, fully qualified and CEC-accredited team that can be called upon at short notice to supplement your business’s operations capability. We operate in all states and territories and have capability in even the most remote areas.

  • CSM Networks’ in-house team of CEC-accredited designers and electrical engineers can assist with all small- to large-scale commercial solar technical designs to suit your needs.
  • CSM Networks is a trusted provider of a range of services including roof, panel and string layouts, AC, DC and protection SLDs and schematics, framing and balance of system requirements.
  • Our experienced engineers and technicians manufacture PVDBs in-house. Our relationships with renowned switchboard builders nationwide ensure that all designs are efficiently manufactured.

Our Australian-based call centre will be your customer’s first point of contact for all warranty issues and, depending on their needs, we can organise reactive or scheduled maintenance to get your customer’s system back up and running.

We consistently monitor your fleet of installations and manage any issues, allowing your team to focus on growing your business.

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Solar Design & Installation

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