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Solar Grid Connection


Attaining network approval for solar PV projects is a time-consuming and complex process. Why not outsource this task to our grid-connect team and allow your team to focus on growing and promoting your business?

CSM Networks have a deep working knowledge of each DNSP’s operating processes and can get your approvals completed fast, helping you to get installations completed quickly and driving cash flow into your business.

Our engineering teams work alongside each state’s relevant DNSPs to provide an end-to-end service to gain grid connection approval for commercial solar PV projects. We manage all communications and technical queries with the DNSP on our client’s behalf to ensure a smooth process for your project, starting from pre-approvals and resulting in final grid connection approval.

The process:

Step one — application for connection

We complete all required studies, including drawing up AC & Protection schematics, voltage rise calculations and technical reports as required by the DNSP to help you through your grid connection application.

Step two — keeping you in the loop

We keep you informed and updated throughout the connection and approval process.

Step three — Grid Protection Units

A Grid Protection Unit is a device which minimises the impacts of fluctuations in voltage, frequency and other parameters on the electrical grid. Once your connection application has been made, we provide the Grid Protection Unit to meet the network’s requirements.

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