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Roof Structural Assessments


After a site visit and gathering of satellite imagery, a detailed assessment of your/your client’s roof will be conducted. Appropriate areas for the installation of solar PV arrays will be identified and recommended based on the roof type and orientation. At this point any barriers to installation will be flagged.
CSM Networks’ in-house structural engineers are capable of producing a detailed structural assessment of the roof/building structure to confirm the suitability of the proposed solar PV installation.
As part of the assessment, CSM Networks will also recommend appropriate mounting options (for example: pitched, flush-mounted or tracking arrays) specific to your site and building type based on the general recommendations made by our structural engineers.

Our Australian-based call centre will be your customer’s first point of contact for all warranty issues and, depending on their needs, we can organise reactive or scheduled maintenance to get your customer’s system back up and running.

We consistently monitor your fleet of installations and manage any issues, allowing your team to focus on growing your business.

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